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I got my notice today. I passed !!!:D I'm now a RN. How cool. Now if I can just survive the next six months till graduation...... Read More

  1. by   Katnip
    Congratulations! And good luck to you.
  2. by   BMS4

    Just a quick question though. Do you have other medical experience? Because truthfully, I think I would be a little uncomfortable with a NP who only has a couple of years of nursing under her belt. Especially in acute care. Nothing against you personally, but being a new nurse, I want to know that the NP I call has more experience than I do and can handle whatever situation arises.

    Good luck to you, I really wish you the best of luck.
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  3. by   peaceful2100
  4. by   Bonnie Blue
    Paula, no offense taken. I'm not going to start out as a NP right away. I do plan on working in ICU for at least a year. I do have experience in health care. I have a BS and MS in exercise science. I have done cardiac rehab, 12-lead EKGs, telemetry monitoring and some patient tech work. I am aware of my limits.
  5. by   vaughanmk

    On a side note...have they implimented the changes in NCLEX yet. or is it all still multiple choice questions?
  6. by   Bonnie Blue
    My test was all multiple choice. I think they are just going to "test" the new question types until they see how they work. Review courses are often helpful. I took Kaplan and found it very good. Basically, you want to focus on the ABCs and when prioritizing, the most unstable patient must be seen by the RN or first. Theraputic communication questions are another type you see alot of.

    I forgot to add that I want to work with an interventional cardiology group not necessarily be a NP in ICU.
  7. by   BMS4
    Thank you for taking my post in the spirit it was meant. I wish you all the best in the world. I'm working in Telemetry and I love it. I'm gearing up for ACLS right now and am looking forward to it. We have three of the best NPs in IC who work with us. I'm sure you will be just as good.

    Take care.
  8. by   opalmRN
    Sorry this is a bit late, but none less heartfelt,

    CONGRATULATIONS, The torture is OVER!!!!!

  9. by   Mazodze
    Congrats Nurse. Way to go