1. Hi,
    Just wanted to let everyone know I found out today I passed the RN boards! Thanks for all your support, I haven't posted alot but I've read alot of these posts for inspiration to help me get through school. You guys are great, thanks.
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    WAY TO GO! Dont ya feel relieved? I did......
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    does anyone of you know an NCLEX review class here South orange county..near Laguna Niguel? thanks..
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    Congradulations!!! I also passed boards on 9-14-07 as an LPN.

    Does anyone know where a good position for a VERY new LPD grad. that is also in the LPN/RN bridge program on Saturdays and also taking Microbiology would work? I need something very laid back, not very stressful. Although I would like to work in the ER department when i graduate as an LPN. But not all of the stress now.

    Please help, lost in Oklahoma :spin: