1. Hello guys.

    I took the NCLEX last May. It has been more that 8 weeks now and still I am anxiously waiting for the result.
    I am aware of the quick result check that Pearson-vue provides but i prefer to have a letter sent to me informing me telling me if I pass or not.
    Does it normally takes this long because I thought it will only take 6 weeks, normally.
    As I am with Texas bon, I have checked their website for any change in my status. Just in case Pearson-cue have sent it there. Still nothing.
    What do you guys think should I do?
    Please advise.
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  3. by   NICU Guy
    Call the BON to find out if there is an issue.
  4. by   meanmaryjean
    Did you look to see if you are listed in Nursys?
  5. by   danpz
    Thanks for your reply.

    I just checked. My name is not there.

    I will just give BON a ring. Just to check again

  6. by   Nursecassandrabsnrn
    I would purchase the quick results!