1. Hi, I failed my NclexRN exam on May 9th 2018. Worst feeling ever. However i want to choose a review program that really works. Can anyone please reach out to me and share any advice possible. I am a registered nurse from Trinidad and Tobago. So far I have looked at the Remarreview and Hurst review program. I have tried kaplan for my first attempt at the exam and I don't think kaplan was for me.
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  3. by   HalfBoiled
    I don't know your strengths or weaknesses.
    I would say take Hurst for the content review.
    Invest in the LaCharity prioritization and delegation book. READ. EVERY. PAGE!

    Then give Kaplan another chance.
    I passed my 2nd time and after reading LaCharity, NCLEX made sense and I passed at 75 within 30 mins.
  4. by   ren90
    Okay, I would take your advice.