1. For anyone who's taken Nclex recently, and used ATI, is it helpful? I've done really well on ATI but not that great on NCSBN practice questions.
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  3. by   TheCommuter
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  4. by   RNyelper
    No need for ATI, use Uworld if you want to pass
  5. by   NuGuyNurse2b
    ^ agree. ATI seems a bit outdated in terms of the kind of questions being asked by the real NCLEX. Uworld mirrors NCLEX more closely.
  6. by   Mommy2abeauty
    Have you tried or used NCSBN?
  7. by   Mommy2abeauty
    Have you used anything besides uworld?
  8. by   ItsMikeRN
    I used Uworld, as well as 4 of my friends from nursing school and we all passed. The trick is to really grasp the rationale. Obviously these exact questions won't come out on NCLEX, (although I've heard people get similar questions from uworld) but it's understanding why you got a question right/wrong that will help you pass.

    I also suggest the Lacharity book for prioritization questions.

    Good luck!