NCLE-PN pass rate

  1. Just Curious...

    Why is it that 85% of first-time test takers pass the exam?

    Does it mean you have a lower chance of passing your second time around, or are they just showing that "The first time you take your test, you have a 85% chance of passing"?

    I was just thinking about it and I guess I read into it too deeply. Oh well, just curious about it.
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  3. by   EricJRN
    Check out this link:

    Through Sept 2006, almost 89% of first-time US-educated testers have passed the PN this year. Less than half of first-time internationally-educated candidates passed.

    An even lower percentage of repeat US-educated testers passed (~43%) but I have a feeling that is skewed by a small percentage of candidates who take (and fail) the exam multiple times without ever being prepared.