N-ClexPN today

  1. Well I took my nclex today and it was crazy!!!!! I did the pvt and got the good pop-up...now I just have to wait and make sure I haven't gotten a since of false hope....smh
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  3. by   iluvnursing07
    How was the test? Congrats! That is the almighty good pop up! People i know who got that same popup passed! What mAterials or study techniques you used?
  4. by   slaughtergryl
    Well it cut off at 85 which made me mad as heck lol!!!! I thought I failed and was angry that they wouldn't give me a chance to redeem myself. Lots, lots of meds, SATA, priorities. 😁 as far as materials for studying my school used ATI, and Saunders and Nclex made easy by lippincott, Walters,& Williams!!! 😷I hope the pop up is right!!!!
  5. by   slaughtergryl
    Ok it's official, I called my states official board of nursing number and got an active L.P.N. license!!!!!
  6. by   heras2012
    )) cOngratz !!
  7. by   slaughtergryl
  8. by   Candy-Lpn
    Congratulations! Just another friendly reminder that the pvt REALLY works!
  9. by   Kimynurse