MP3 Pharmacology Audio Reviewer Download

  1. Useful MP3 audio reviewer from

    Just type pharma in the Search box and it's yours to enjoy!
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  3. by   ICU_JOSIE
    Ooops, sorry about this folks, I don't know what happened but the website now seems inaccessible, files-upload was a free hosting service. It's gone when it's gone I guess .... :trout:
  4. by   ICU_JOSIE
    HEY, IT'S THERE AGAIN!!! Sorry, I'm not playing fun and games here but I guess the server was just down when I last checked. Hope I didn't tire you out and you find the link useful .....
  5. by   erwin
    Thanks for the tip. It does work!
  6. by   Starbee
    Thanks! It's a cool site! By the way do you know any free downloads for nclex review?
  7. by   joycee1108
    hello.mron pb un now??