Mental health Nursing NCLEX-RN style questions

  1. Does any of you have an idea of what type of questions NCLEX-RN have for Mental Health Nursing? Is it more of how to intervene with different mental disorders or is it more into what type of drugs or group therapy to give the patient? Can someone give me an NCLEX-RN sample of this area? Thank you!
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  3. by   jacee
    The questions that deal w/psychiatric nsg on nclex, has to do with therapeutic communication or priority, like what is the 1st action a nurse would take if a pt is acting out in the day rm etc. Therapeutic comm, a pt may state something & you will have to pick the appro. response from the choices given. As far as the drugs go,if you know the drugs/drugs classification & their functions and side effects. Then you'll be able to answer the drug related questions. hope this helps.
  4. by   jessica1983
    I only got to 75 questions, and the only mental health questions I got were on cocaine use/withdrawal, and Haldol.