LPN exam soon

  1. hi guys, just want some advice.... im a nursing grad from the philippines and im gonna take the nclex pn on november. just got my ATT. i couldnt take the nclex rn cuz they said i needed a CGFNS certificate. oh yeah, im a natural born US citizen, jst went to philippines for education so i didnt thnk id need the CGFNS. suzanne said there are quite a few states that dont require it. shame that guam does. anyway im quite nervous about passing or not since its been a year since i graduated, and im thinking of going to a CNA program. im going to start on suzanne's study program soon, and i hope i pass. the CNA thing is something like a fallback for me if ever...(*shudder*) something doesnt go quite right... what do you guys think? thanks a bunch!!
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  3. by   RNKay31
    Wishing you the very best in whatever you choose, God bless you, only you alone can know what you truely want to do.