Lipincott or Saunders?

  1. Hi guys I am a RN here in the Philippines and I want to pursue my career as a nurse in California. I haven't passed my application yet but I am starting my review at Kaplan right now. I know that it will take me about 4-6 months to receive my eligibility and another 1 month to receive my ATP. My review will last for only 3 monthhs which makes me worry that maybe when the NCLEX comes, i will forget all or maybe some of the most important things that I need to know because of that 3-4 months gap. May I just ask for for my additional knowledge or to make me really prepared for the NCLEX, which review material is better, Lipincott or Saunders? Which is easier to understand? Also what type of book should I buy, the comprehensive book or the question and answer ( w/ rationale) is enough?
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