Last 4 weeks before NCEX PN

  1. Dear Allnurses forum:

    I'm really have the most difficulty of my life preparing for this
    NCLEX PN exam. My quiz scores keep going up and down.

    I've got three books(and discs) - Saunders, Lippincott , and MedsPUB.
    I got the MEDSPUB from a review class at end of scook in July.
    That book is just bares bones facts re each disease and illness.
    Yet ther instructor said that was all we needed.

    My main problem - I keep finding there are drugs that I can't
    recognize so it is difficult to even properly use a test taking strategy.

    The highest grade I got on a quizs was a 100 but I am now closer to 60-70 avg.

    I plan to take the test in 4 weeks.

    Any ideas? Any cheat sheats?

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  3. by   Silverdragon102
    no cheat sheets but would recommend understanding the rationale to questions you get wrong and try looking a group of drugs not individual drugs