lab value varying among books

  1. i comparing saunders lab value to my med surg text book. and i get varying numbers here are a few example from saunders bun 8-25 wbc 4,500-11,000

    my next book bun 8-20 wbc 5000-10000

    both books are usually on the same page for f/e

    my question is their a website that for most part is correct with lab values

    this is stressing me out because i want to know values for nclex but i dont know which ones to go with
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  3. by   EricJRN
    Normal lab values vary slightly from source to source. Even in the real world, lab reference ranges vary from one lab to the next. You just have to be flexible and use common sense on some of the questions.

    If you get a priority question with lab results in it, you're going to be a lot more concerned about a patient with a WBC ct of 35 than you would with a patient who has a BUN of 22. Make sense?
  4. by   mom2michael
    All my lab values on the NCLEX were very obviously out of whack or obviously very normal.......there was no middle or gray don't drive yourself crazy with the tiny details.
  5. by   Jules A
    I agree if you have an idea of the normal range you will be fine. Its not going to come down to splitting hairs.
  6. by   khirbz
    Yes lab values vary from book to book. The best thing is just to memorize from one source so you will not be confused. Anyways, when they test you they won't give abnormal values near the normal. All they will give is abnormal values that are way too high or too low. So whatever lab you have memorized they will still be in the range and you won't miss...