Kaplan Qt7 265 Items

  1. hi all,

    just finished QT7 and had no break,it took me 5 hours and 15.my score was 59% but im quite happy.i think i am ready to tackle the NCLEX on dec 27. advice are very welcome!!!!

    thank you very much

    best wishes

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  3. by   je_da
    you can do it!!!!!!!!! i believe in you...

    weeeeeeeee good luck!!!!!!!!
  4. by   federal
    i took the same test too to gauge myself two days before the test. got 72. ... good luck hope u can make it!!!! PRAY haRD!!!!!
  5. by   RNroseshea
    I got the same score on the qtrainer 7 (59%) and passed with 75 questions..you can do it!
  6. by   jessi1106
    Hi, I got a 62% on #7, back in July. I passed w/ 75 questions. You will be fine!