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  1. Hi all I have been a member of allnurses since I started taking prereqs back in 2008Im currently a second level student of an ADN-RN program ( only have 3 semesters left)I love reading everyones posts! They keep me going! My question is what do you all do after you PASS the NCLEX? Im so ready for a break and Im wondering what you are all doing now?
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  3. by   larn2012
    I got a job the week I graduated I did not want to wait to work. I did an ADN program as well and it looks like several states are freezing the hiring process of adn nurses. I lived in TX where they were not fond of hiring adn's so I moved back to my homestate La where I had no trouble whatsoever landing a position. I am also going back in august to get my BSN, I want to get everything out the way so I can relax!
  4. by   friendlysmile
    Right now, I have a gap of 3 weeks til I get to start my first RN job.

    My piece of advice is to start looking for a job in the health field (PCA/TECH/CNA) and start looking at graduate nurse positions because it was hard to find my job. I was hired from a group of over 20 interviews for that unit (there were over 400 GN in the large interview).