Just took NCLEX-RN!!

  1. wow,, that was my first time n i gotta tell u it was very tricky

    mine shut down at 75 i got 6 select alll apply n 1 calculation

    i also felt like the questions were getting trickier n i think got worong on last question

    but the problem is i didn't really get many meds or priority questions as i expected

    many people who passed said they had about 60% of meds but i only got about 10 or 12 n 10 or 12 priority too it really got me worried

    tell me if im wrong but is it true that more alternative questions means better chance to pass?? somebody said im getting alternative questions because im above passing standard at that point

    anybody?? anyway,,, stiill wating for the result this is killing me :uhoh21:
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  3. by   dollface99
    Sorry I can't help you with that question but, I just want to wish you good luck on the results.:spin:
  4. by   rashmi
    Good luck for your result
  5. by   Leilah75_RN
    best of luck to yah.....
  6. by   RN BSN 2009
    good luck!!!
  7. by   ucnurse92
    GOOD Luck to You!