Just took 265 Questions today

  1. I just took my NCLEX and got all 265 questions. I had 5 of the put in order drop boxes, and about 15-20 Select all that apply. Alot of priority and Med questions. I hope i passed. Anyone else had the same type of questions and passed?
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  3. by   Silverdragon102
    Good luck, stressing now isn't going to change anything try to relax whilst you wait for your results
  4. by   NewmanFamily6
    While I haven't taken the NCLEX yet I just wanted to say that I know several folks who passed with 265! There is hope and Good Luck
  5. by   caliotter3
    Wishing you good luck.
  6. by   roman1305
    Welp I did the pearson vue trick yesterday and today. Yesterday it wouldn't let me reregister and today it will. Who knows. My buddy just took it today and I did the trick for him and it won't let him reregister. I am waiting for the quick results so i can find out.:angryfire
  7. by   myitty
    hay...did you get the result??????????????????
  8. by   roman1305
    not yet still waiting. It has been 31 hours.