Just got results.....

  1. I took my RN and got 265 and I just found out I did not pass. I am not devastated I kinda knew I didnt pass. I just was not as prepared as I will be next time. I think the wait in Michigan is 45 days. What do they do when you do not pass do they send you a test day or day a day you can take the test again

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  3. by   traumaRUs
    Hi there - I do not know the particulars for re-testing in Michigan but wanted to wish you the best!
  4. by   thomk
    I too had 265 questions and did not pass the first time. Give yourself time t regroup and sit with a good review. I used Kaplan and just concentrated on answering the questions. You sail through the next time. Good Luck
  5. by   Optimus1
    study even harder don't give up! i am waitn 4 my results.... i stopped at 90 and if i fail.... i will not stop.... im gonna study even harder.... don't stop. Never never never quit! see u out on the nursing floor!