I've had a hard time studying after graduation. Should I take the NCLEX? Here are scores..

  1. Hey Everyone!

    I'm scheduled to take the NXLEX in three days. Kind of freaking out a little since I feel as though my Kaplan scores are low, I've only done about 300 Q bank questions, and I haven't been too disciplined in terms of sticking to a study schedule for content review. Here are my scores...looking for some feedback. I've seen the Kaplan chart floating around with estimated pass rates based on scores, but am looking for real life situations.

    Diagnostic: 61%
    Q1: 53%
    Q2: 52%
    Q3: 53%
    Q4: 64%
    Q5: 56%
    Q6: 55%
    Q7: 57%
    Readiness: 64%

    It would be ideal to not have to reschedule this as the rest of my summer is pretty booked. Send me some positive vibes!
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  3. by   nickirows
    You sound pretty good to go to me! I'd try to do as many Q-Bank questions in the next two days as possible though. Just the mere act of repetition, doing the same kinds of questions over and over and over... it really helped me on the exam! I took the NCLEX on the 18th and found out I passed today Here are my scores!

    Diagnostic: 67%
    Q1: 56%
    Q2: 57%
    Q3: 41%
    Q4: 57%
    Q5: 55%
    Q6: 56%
    Q7: Didn't do it, whoops
    Readiness: 63%
    CAT #1: 265 questions, Red Proficiency Level
    CAT #2: 265 questions, Green Proficiency Level
    CAT #3: 91 questions, Green Proficiency Level