It's here!!!!!!!!

  1. omg!!!! i graduated and got my att all in the same day!!!!! i test next week! it has been a rocky road, but here i am. i was planning to start an intern program in june, but i guess i will have to move that up. woooohooooo.
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  3. by   caliotter3
    Wishing you good luck.
  4. by   swifty1031
    Congratulations and good luck with NCLEX and your new career:roll
  5. by   firefly86
    Good Job, Your future looks really good I hope nothing but the best thanks for sharing. Good Luck!!!
  6. by   ladymedik
    thanks for all the good wishes. i have been reading previous posts and have a question. i have been looking at a variety of study aids, but have been doing most of my questions with nclex3500. i have been averaging 70-75% on pretty much everything. is that good???? i thought i read that 60% was good, but don't know what program that was with. any help is appreciated.