Is this the good pop up?

  1. I took my boards this morning. My computer shut off at 85 questions. Got the email almost immediately after I left the building. I was/am so anxious, I graduated school in June 2015! I've buckled down and studied the last 2 months non stop. I walked out of there feeling like a failure. It was so hard. Just checked and this is the pop up. What does this mean? Is it good??

    "Our record indicate that you have recently schedule this exam. Another registration cannot be made at this time"
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  3. by   dbuy3
    This has been the pop up I've been getting since I took the NCLEX yesterday. From what I've researched it is the good pop-up, so hopefully that's the case!
  4. by   Sethorli
    Yes it is!..I got it on same day I took nclex and found out I passed the next day on my BON website.
  5. by   inthecosmos
    Seems so!
  6. by   emmjayy
    That's the good one! Congrats!