infection control: plastic spoon

  1. I just took nclex and several options in infection control questions has plastic spoon option. i forgot how the exact question goes but i got so confused coz i remember our DON told our dietary tech in IDT meeting to never give plastic spoon to pt. even if they are in isolation due to dignity issues. so does anyone here encounter the same situation and what are your thoughts/opinion about this coz im starting to review again coz i think i failed according to pearsons trick. thx
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  3. by   soon2bRN516
    This is where the NCLEX world differs from the real world sometimes...The only time I thought you were suppose to use plastic is if someone in the hospital has Hep A....but now I am going to go look that up....If I find out something different I will post it here...
  4. by   soon2bRN516
    According to this site, you can use either disposable or regular dishes with isolation patients..I would go by this since its from the cdc...
  5. by   xtian0143
    thanks soon2bRN.