I took the NCLEX-RN this morning.....

  1. 76 questions and the good pop-up. Expect to feel as if you aren't doing so well. More than 10 SATA. No review course. Saunder's Q&A and some links from this site. Thank you guys for that!!
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  3. by   kakay
    Saunders 5th ed. alone and some fact throwing? Congrats....
  4. by   Contrail
    Yes, focus more on strategy. Questions can and will come from every angle.
  5. by   Dragonfly777
    Was there a lot of priority qs, and infection control? u were lucky to get 10 sata, lately a lot of plp have been getting a ton like 30 of those....any last tips,,,i take mine in a week?

    thanks for the input
  6. by   Contrail
    I didn't get a lot of any question, honestly.
  7. by   frankie,RN