I Take Nclex In 13 Days!! My Head Feel Like Its Going To Explode!!

  1. Hello to all and congrats to everyone who has passed!! My head feel like it is going to explode the more I review the worst it gets like it can not hold another piece of information!
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  3. by   rogramjet
    Don't go letting your head explode, it is such a mess to clean up afterwards. Remember that it is only another test. A very important test, but a test none the less. I think the biggest problem people have is anxiety over the thing. DOn't over study. Set aside a block of time every day and go over some practice questions. DO NOT study the night before. Relax, watch a movie, visit some friends, but DON'T study. You'll just clutter your brain. That advice came from my dad who was a college prof for 35 years.
  4. by   webblarsk
    Good luck to you. Keep us posted.