I passed my nclex pn with 205 questions & pvt works!!!!

  1. Hey Guys! I decided to make this because I was freaking out after taking my NCLEX PN and had 205 questions. I took mine 09/13/2017 & Literally on the verge of tears! I saw everyone else leaving and I was still there at least 2 hours after. BUT I PASSED!!!!! YOU CAN PASS WITH 205 QUESTIONS DONT FREAK OUT! 205 DOES NOT MEAN YOU FAILED! Another student in my class also passed with 205. I said I wouldn't do the PVT Trick because I was thinking it wasn't legit BUT IT WORKED!!! I WAITED UNTIL I GOT THE EMAIL SAYING I TOOK MY EXAM FIRST THEN TRIED THE TRICK AND GOT THE GOOD POP UP!!!! IT REALLY DOES WORK YOU GUYS! Just sometimes if you get the bad pop up sometimes you still passed! But hopefully this helps eases the anxiety of some!!
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    Congratulations !!!! What study materials did you use please?