I PASSED!!!!! (got 75)

  1. yeah!!! i just took the exam two days ago n found out yesterday that i passed!!!!!!!!

    this is my first time n mine shut down at 75

    i had 6 select all apply n 1 calculation

    guys , just do the kaplan that is the best meterial out there

    i know it is rediculously expensive but its totally worth it

    get Qbank as well i did all the questions in qbank n it really helped!

    i think i got very similer question from kaplan on nclex

    oh n study meds seriously!!!! i got about 12 meds n i didn't know half of them

    oh i was wondering does anybody from arizona?

    i actually got dui right before the test ( after i got ATT n clearance of fingerprints )

    i didn't report to the board yet cuz i didn't want them to delay my exam date

    does anybody know how long it takes to settle my case until i can actually work?

    share some experience plz~~`
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