I Passed And Want To Thank.....

  1. I Would Like To Thank All Those That Replied To Me..i Had 265 Questions And Nearly Passed Out... It Was Rough. I Want To First And Foremost Thank Suzanne....i Used Your Guide As Much As I Could...despite My Time Restraints. Thank You!!!!!!!...i Also Want To Thank ...steu...your Link On Infection Control...helped Me The Night Before And That Was My Weakness....i Also Want To Thank...all Those That Read And Replied To My Thread. I Studied Super Hard...and Didnt Know How I Could Of Studied Again...but Luckily I Dont Have To. 265 Was Overwhelming But I Hung In There!!!
    This Forum Is A Blessing!!! Thank You Everyone..god Bless
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  3. by   suzanne4
    Great to hear, thanks for letting my know.
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    congrats.....hopefully I'm next
  7. by   Nursing28
    Hi suzanne4....I've been studing saunders and getting 65 to 71 % on the test. Does this mean I am ready for NCLEX? Or should I study more until I get in my 80's???????
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