I passed after taking test my 4th time....

  1. Dont ever give up on your dream of being a nurse. After failing 3 times, I went and took my test for the 4th time on May 16th. Thank God, I had 75 questions, computer cut off screen first was grey then blue. I personally don't think there is a pearsonvue trick. Do not ever give up up this trust me. I took Hurst review, Kaplan Q-bank, did alot of questions still was failing each time. My friend took Sylvia Rayfield Nursing Made Insanely Easy review course and purchased her books which one has 365 pages of mnenonics. I also would recommend Pharmacy made Insanely Easy. I study this book everyday. What I did different was I started to go to gym, yes it does help with stress it was like a little escape. I also did not tell anyone this time when I was taking it. This helped I didn't have the burden of having to tell everyone if I failed again. I wasn't stress, after you take this test you feel down on yourself after you fail, but don't it is that you are stupid. You aren't I prayed with each question I had also, I knew God didn't give me the strength to go through nursing school and pass all of the exams, and then it all just be for nothing. Throughout taking this exam each time I had major things going on in my life..But to everyone who has failed DO NOT GIVE UP. I am proof it will happen, don't beat yourself up...Good luck to everyone.
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    Now you can relax!!!!
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    CONGRATULATIONS TO YOU!!! Hey, I am exactly like you. I took NCLEX for the 4th time on Monday May 18th. I had either 101 or 102 questions and it shut off. I am waiting for my results now. I know I got the last 2 questions right. How long did it take for you to find out your results??
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    Just to let everyone know that after taking NCLEX for the 4th time, I passed!!!! Found out my results on May 20th!! Do not give up, because those of us who have to retest so many times are living proof that if at first you don't succeed, try and try again!!!
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    That is so awesome. I am very proud of you. You have given me hope for myself (Have failed 2 times and preparing for a third test).
    Thanks for the encouragement.
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    Don't bet yourself up over it, like I did...also I didn't tell no one the last time I was going to take it. Good luck,,, you can do it.
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    I need all the luck I can get. This time I know I am not telling anyone. That way if I don't pass I won't have to deal with the "oh I am sorry" responses. Thanks again.
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    congrats. i give you a lot of credit. enjoy this special time
    nancy gonzalez rn
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    I took my nclex today, the computer shut off at 87 questions. I am going crazy!!!!
    This is my third time taking it. Pray for me!