I have the last edition of Saunders...

  1. I take the NCLEX Friday and have been studying the Saunders book I got while in nursing school. I just realized that it's not the most current edition (only one behind). Is this a huge problem?? I'm starting to freak out, but can't afford the money or time to go get a whole other book this late. HELP!
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  3. by   Silverdragon102
    If you are taking the test this Friday I would say just continue on practising questions. The new edition will just have the new format style questions and probably update any information that may be wrong or out of date. Just make sure you have an awareness of SATA and drop and drag as you may get some of them type of questions
  4. by   lauralea18
    Drop and drag...you mean like put in order of which you do first and so on?