Hpw long did it take for you to get approved by state board to take NCLEX-PN exam??

  1. Hi everyone, I was just wondering more or less how long it took after you submitted paperwork to be approved by the state board to take your NCLEX exam?? I went to a private nursing college and they spent a day with us filling out and sending our paperwork all together to make sure it was done accurately. It has been about 9 weeks now and no one from my class has received any update on the status. I am getting more anxious by the day because I now feel like I'm going to forget all the information we studied for in preparation for it right before graduation! Not to mention, I really need a job ASAP and would need to be licensed in order to do that. Help!! Just wondering if this is a normal delay??

    -Not so patiently waiting
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  3. by   LPN709
    I graduated this April from my pn program. Don't worry it takes a while. After we submitted our paperwork, about a month later I got an email pretty much giving me a receipt for the $300 I paid lol but you don't actually get your att until about 3-4 weeks after you graduate. However, if your that worried, you can always call the BON and ask. I know it's nerve wracking!