How to pass NCLEX in 75 questions.

  1. l am taking the almight CAT test NCLEX soon. l thought l should get some tips on how to knock out this test in the first round which is 75 questions. l do not want this fight to go all the way to round 12 which is 265 questions. l thank you for sharing your tips in advance.
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  3. by   Silverdragon102
    Questions can be anything from 75 to 265. No such thing as rounds.

    Moved to the NCLEX forum where there are plenty of hints to help
  4. by   holistic_healer
  5. by   simkale
    You said it ( Uworld) Holistic_healer...l said roger that!.... passed in exactly 75qns. For all y'all who want to pass in 75qns UWorld is a must! other programs will help you pass but if you do not want to sit in Pearson Vue for 6hrs and want to be out in an hour or so then get yourself Uworld and master it.
    Pass in 75qns = Uworld. Very simple formula
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