how to follow up application to nlcex-ca

  1. hi.. i submitted my application to bon-ca last september and until now i dont get any response from them..
    i just want to ask on how and where can i follow up my application..
    thank you very much...
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  3. by   kano
    did you call the CA-BON?? they will tell you if they have recieved ur applications and processed it... or if you wrote them a check... you can check out ur bank account to see if the check was cashed.... that's wat i did....
    good luck.....

    I just found out i failed... i live in Orange County.... i'm very stressed out....
  4. by   federal
    sorry to hear that kano

    how many questions did you stop at? which type?
  5. by   kano
    I had 114Q the first time, 265q this second time...... lots of Med's, infection control.....
    i'm furstrated.....