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I took the NCLEX yesterday morning and I was done in an hour and only got 75 questions. When it shut off, my heart sank and I felt sick. I had no dosage cal. questions(which I'm good at), lots of... Read More

  1. by   rbrabbit
    don't worry so much about the number of questions. it is my understanding (i don't know if this is true, but i was told) that if during the test your computer hesitates then you got the question wrong and the computer was searching its memory for a question as difficult or easier than the one that you missed. i answered 75 questions and my computer hesitated four times. i passed!
  2. by   lgjackson
    Hi Victoriainvt:

    I know exactly how you feel !! My nerves are frazzled !!! To the point of nausea and diarrhea !!!! After the test, I came home and went straight to bed. I felt like a total idiot after taking that NCLEX and now it seems only a blur. I was a very good student in school, studied my butt off with Kaplan and Mosby. I just don't think anything could have prepared us for that test. Can't remember the questions other than many were on priority and medications with a few mental health sprinkled in from time-to-time. I have been a basket case since I took it yesterday, June 4th at 9:00 a.m and still do not have the results yet. Our board of nursing here in North Carolina said it takes 5 business days to post license information, so I am going to rely heavily on Quick Results until then. Only 15 more hours to go until I find out. I'm terrified to look. May have my husband do it for me and and break the news eeeeaaaasssssyyyy.
  3. by   victoriainvt
    I think we're in the same boat. I go from thinking I did OK, to knowing I did terribly! I had mostly pharm and prioritizing, I think I had some peds questions, no math (which is what Im good at!!) I can't remember any questions except the ones Im sure I got wrong, which must be at least 10 or 20. I think I knew about 20 and guessed between the 2 best on the rest. Let me know if it takes the full 48 hrs for the quick post. Im going to go have a drink to help me cope!! (great for a nurse huh??)
  4. by   CrunchyLaborRN
    I took the nclex-rn today (june 5th) and had 75 questions. Finished in about 45 minutes. Cried when the computer shut off I made above average grades in school, studied my butt off for a month doing at least 3,000 questions and did really well on a predicter test (arnett).... felt like I didn't know a damn thing. I guess we will know on thursday...
  5. by   victoriainvt
    I took it today also, so we can be depressed and anxious together tomorrow, too!! Does your state allow the quick result?? I've already checked a million times.
  6. by   CrunchyLaborRN
    I am in florida and we do have quick results so I *should* find out Thursday by 9am. I should be like 10 pounds lighter by then.
  7. by   kaitsmama
    I did 75 in less than an hour. I was so certain I had failed! I had one dose calc early on, lots and lots of priority, some diabetes, some pre/post op, critical, some drugs, it was a major mix of questions! I found out today that I passed <3 Hooray! Laura M. Compton, RN
  8. by   hawkswin
    Victoria - try and relax, I know easier said than done. I too got a 1058 on my HESI the first time I took it, a 1215 the second time (my school tested us twice), got As in school, and got 75 on the nclex and passed. Until about 12 hours ago when I found out, I was destroyed thinking I had failed. Our stories sound similar, and I suspect your result will be the same.

    That said, man in hindsight I don't feel the HESI is a very good replica of the NCLEX! I left the HESI feeling like I owned that thing - not at all after taking the NCLEX.
  9. by   victoriainvt
    I totally agree that the HESI was nothing like the NCLEX, except for the format. I had no apprehension with the HESI, I could almost count the ones I got right and wrong. The NCLEX, I have no idea. I woke up 20 times last night remembering other questions that I had a hard time with. I want it to be tomorrow!!!
  10. by   hawkswin
    Keep us posted on your results. Mine came in 24 hours through my state board of nursing website. They still haven't shown up yet on "quick results". I really feel for those in Cali who have to wait weeks.
  11. by   victoriainvt
    I will update. Im going to check my state board website later on this morning. I still feel sick, I wish I would have had a question on immodium, I know I would have gotten that right!!
  12. by   CrunchyLaborRN
    I am already checking this morning to see if perhaps my results are popping up. I am going to drive myself CRAZY today! Please, someone say something "therapeutic"! LOL
  13. by   BoopetteRN
    I understand your feelings, the same thing happened to me and I remember driving home crying thinking I failed, but I didn't. Keep your head up, when you finish the NCLEX, you have no idea if you passed or failed.