How many alternate question forms did you get

  1. I took the NCLEX-RN today & am totally freaked out right now. I had 8, yes 8 of the questions where they say check all of the correct answers. Everyone that I know thats taken it before said that they only had 1 or 2, if any. I just don't know if I had that many b/c I kept getting them right, or b/c I kept getting them wrong & they wanted me to get 1 right. Please help!! Thanks!! :spin:
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  3. by   That718RN
    I had at least seven or more alternate questions... I don't know if that's a common thing or what that means exactly. I know one alternate question I had twice just that one of the answer options were different. I took the nlcex yesterday. We'll see tomorrow the results :spin:
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  4. by   Caymanme
    I took my test two weeks ago and had at least 8 select all that apply. I had 75 questions and passed. My test seemed really hard overall. Good luck to you both.