how long to get quick results?

  1. Hi,
    How long do I have to wait to get the results? I went to pearson vue and it said my results were not ready yet. It has been 2 days since I took it(48 hours exactly almost). Do they post on weekends, or do I have to wait business days? and is it 2 days? Thanks!!
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  3. by   newyorknat
    keep checking...mine came up at 49 hours as opposed to will be posted shortly
  4. by   TexasPediRN
    It depends on the state you took it in if they participate in quick results.

    But if they do, it should be on Peason in 48 hours.

    Good luck!
  5. by   nursingismydream
    Mine haven't been posted yet either, I live in Michigan. It has been 48 hours for me as well. My fingers are crossed for you. Good luck!!!!
  6. by   ncriverrat
    Thanks everyone!
    nursingismydream- I just went and checked at 49 hours and my results were there! So go check!! Good luck to you as well!! =)
  7. by   laverty
    So did you test on Friday? Plus, what state are you in? I m in Ohio & tested Friday... still waiting but it hasnt been 48 hrs yet... So nervous here.

    CONGRATS for you !!!!