how long for ATT in Pennsylvania?

  1. The state board received my application on May 26th (checked USPS certified letter).
    Called the board yesterday, they received it and are "processing" - could not get any more info from the nice lady there.

    Also, after I get the ATT, how long does it take to get an appointment for NCLEX test?

    The reason that I ask is because I have a job lined up; they don't want temporary permits, and they can't wait too long, because they have a specific orientation program that starts on a certain day.

    I have to have a license by July 20th!!!!

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts,

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  3. by   Silverdragon102
    Scheduling your test will all depend on the test center and how busy they are. Once you get your ATT (once registered with pearsonvue) you can look at the test dates available