How long do i have to wait in CA??? HELP - page 4

So i took my test on wednesday and it is now friday and still nothing. California doesn't do the quick results. So how long do i have to wait?? I'm going crazy, i already feel like i failed becuase... Read More

  1. by   jayann
    crzylinn hello, the main problem is the waiting period and since you don't have anyone to talk with, this website is great! people are so emphatic here. with regards to pressure, i am ! (knowing everyone in my family knows how hard i worked)..everyone feels after the exam failed but most of them passed....but in the end we have prayers to keep us sane while result yet for me, so i try myself to keep busy...cheer up...and you'll make it....
  2. by   crzylinn
    hi.. jayann thanxs for the the way i also graduated in the pearl of d ocean..i know in our culture its hard to failed in the exam..everybody is expecting too much...dats why i kep it secret....and since im hr already in US its a big obligation on my part to be an official US RN....good luck to all of us waiting for the result...
  3. by   jayann
    hi crzylinn,

    this will be a long week again for me,hehehehe...going back and forth to our mailroom...but i try to think positively...if i fail, that won't make me less of a person...if i pass thank God...and there's always many blessings to count. like you, you are lucky enough to be already in USA. so we'll keep waiting...good luck again..
  4. by   crzylinn
    jayann...your ryt we shld always count our blessings maybe whatever happens God has a reason for everything...but im sure its the best....
    good luck...did u took the test jan coz i took it jan and still no result...dont know wr to find just waiting for the snail mail to come to my mail box...i dnt know wat to do..i think i shld study again...coz many hr in the forum pass at 75 and dts keeping me more nervous...
  5. by   Jazzy_nurse_SF
    Exam taken on 1/26 and still waiting. Anxiously waiting, being that it stopped at 265. We'll see.
  6. by   Leilah75_RN
    dont worry u will pass. good luck to yah:P
  7. by   janrette
    i know the feelings of waiting for the results... u see, me and my friend took the nclex-rn last dec.5,2006 in anaheim,ca and till now no result yet...we're an international trained and working nurses who wish to be licensed in CA.
    the long waiting is killing us... and giving us more tension in our work...(we're not acting like this before).
    anyhow, we're hoping for the best...
    goodluck to those who are still waiting this long...
  8. by   janrette
    hi jayann,
    got ur results already? am still waiting and took the exam last dec.2006. i havent dared to call Ca BON...maybe il just be frustrated or overwhelmed???