how hard is nclex this coming april?

  1. Hi! I read that they revised the nclex test plan and will be a little harder than the previous one. Who will be taking theirs on april and onward? what are your preparations? I'll be taking mine this april 2 and I'm having a jitter on what to expect? How does it differs from the previous test plan?
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  3. by   ZASHAGALKA
    It will be no more difficult than the current exam. The first time passing rates will be about the same: 87%.

    The goal is to account for the more comprehensive information that students have been learning.

    It isn't a case of more difficult content, but rather, a focus on accounting within the exam for more comprehensive content. The exam has been 'tightened' four previous times, and each time, the first time pass rate has remained about the same.

    More information here:

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