How big is the difference for NCLEX RN starting April 2013?

  1. Im trying to take my licensure exam here in NY. Received my ATT Jan. and scheduled my exam by April. Then i found out that they will have the exam revised by April 2013 (every 3 years). Now, Im worried if it makes a difference of what i have studied and what questions i will get when i take it by April. I can be ready in a month so its okay for me to take it by the end of March.. Im just worried because they said passing standards will increase and exam is a bit tougher...

    Any advice will be highly appreciated.
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  3. by   BouBou
    The exam will not necessarily be harder. They are raising the passing line. I picture a grid with an x and y axis. So on the y axis instead of being at -.16 the passing line is now at zero.
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