Hi to ALL... I just failed the N-clex exam Misserably

  1. T_T. I cant take this anymore.. /sob Is there a Kaplan Review Center in manila? pls tell me the web site if thereis any.. thank you
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  3. by   rafRN
    yap there is!!!!i know it's in makati but i have no idea abt der website.Just a suggestion,y not try to invest on NCLEX books instead of going to review centers which wud cost a lot!(I know it's almost 20t to review in kaplan)

    Don't loose hope.relax for a while and study once again.Goodluck
  4. by   princeal007
    about the Nclex books and materials, I have them already.. 2006 edition.. I just overshoot my exam and I ended up in failure. darn.. anyways, thanx for the advice.. ^^ oh yeah, it cost me $600 for the review here. The review was good but I guess it was all me who made a mistake.