HESI and graduation

  1. i'm just wondering what happens to students who don't pass their HESI in order to graduate after a max amount of attempts in nursing school?

    we also took HESI in my school, but everybody graduated no matter what.
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  3. by   LeaRN2008
    We have to re-apply and take 4th level over again. We get three chances to make an 850 and the third attempt is usually after the semester ends so they don't know for sure if they graduate or not. We took our HESI yesterday and I passed, thank God but I hear about half the class has to retake it.

    Lea Anne
  4. by   Futureof nursing
    My school also offer the Hesi exam. We will take the second attempt next week. The majority of the class failed the first time. If we all fail the next one I would assume that they will just use our GPA to determine our graduation status. Our school requires you to be in the 85 percentile which equals apprx. 927-950.