HELP!!! Testing Wed, Didn't get to study enough!!!

  1. i need help really really bad!!!!!!!!!!!!

    hey guys, i really hope that someone can help me out, or calm my fears!!!

    i graduated in may :mortarboard: (i passed the predictor for our school), then took the kaplan review course (passed both the pre and post course predictors), then had orientation for my job, then surgery, then family issues came up and i had to move , find a new job etc etc, many personal/family issues going on making it too hard to focus on studying.

    long story short....i haven't been able to study much at all!!!! i know that i was a good student, i passed critical care that was an 8wk course at my school, even though i had missed 3 weeks because i was in a car accident...and had to finish a week early bc of leaving for texas for my anniversary and a wedding my husband was best man in. so i know that i was at least in the top 25% of my class as far as smarts or whatever.

    but because of all of this stuff that went on, i didn't get to study much at all :smackingf: and i am starting to freak out that i won't pass. i am so scared!!! :

    i've done a little research, in the past...and this summer so far, the pass rate is 90%. everyone in my nursing class has passed already. i know for sure for sure i was at least in the top 50% of my class.... but i've had to wait this long to take the test and haven't had adequate time to study .

    i need help and encouragement so bad!!!!! any advice anyone????? anything that will calm my fears????? :


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  3. by   JenNJFLCA
    If you're this worried, maybe you should try pushing your exam back a few weeks. I know it sucks, but at least you will have more time to practice. People who were in the top 10% of my class have failed the NCLEX because they didn't practice enough. Of course, you may pass, but I am just going by what I have personally seen. I've seen plenty of people on this board take it w/o much study time a passed. It all depends on how much you're willing to gamble. I like tp play it safe, so I did about 4000 questions (and passed!). Good luck w/ your decision! :spin:
  4. by   suzanne4
    Delay your exam. Only you know if you are well enough prepared.

    Take into consideration what the re-take time is in your state.
  5. by   willdgate
    What's up with the animations, if you don't feel ready, don't take it, yet
  6. by   MuddaMia
    Quote from willdgate
    What's up with the animations, if you don't feel ready, don't take it, yet
    Wildgate..animations and fonts seem to get on your nerves..huh?
  7. by   marie229
    you know I just took my NCLEX and it seemed like there was no amount of studying that could have prepared me. It seemed like it was a test that you couldn't cram for. I was so nervous that I couldn't sleep the night before. good luck, and remember your abc's
  8. by   RebeccaJeanRN
    I recommend postponing your test date. Even if you might have passed anyway, just the guilt and worry will be way too distracting. It may not be the kind of test one can truly study for, but its also not one to go into with this kind of stress. Better to postpone, practice NCLEX type questions for a while, and feel better going in to it!!