friday test when wiil i get results

  1. i took my NCLEX on friday morning and was wondering if anyone knew when results would post on also, what if u go 2 after taking test and it says application pending? i was wondering what it would say if u failed.
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  3. by   katgirl46806
    Are you from Indiana?I took my exam on April 20th. I found out I passed on Wednesday,April 22, and my license # was up on the BON (Board of Nursing)Friday morning.I also got my official license in the mail on Friday as well.My classmate took her test on Thursday,her quick results she found out on Saturday.Hopes this helps somewhat sems pretty quick. Also according to my license it wwas issued on the 21st which is infuriating because hat means the BON knows in 24 hours!
  4. by   jstarlite
    I took mine on Friday and found out today- Sunday!
  5. by   madams0714
    I just got my results today also. I passed
  6. by   caliotter3