Four small letters- pass

  1. I took the NCLEX in HK about a week ago. It shut off at 75 and I walked out of the testing center feeling very positive that I passed. Well I passed!!! The questions were not as hard as I anticipated them to be- which in a way worried me. I got 3 meds, 3 check all that apply, a lot of infection control, prioritization, triage, maternal, peds, M/S. No math tho.

    I love this forum-really a big help to me. This is where I got the idea to read alot abt infection control and prioritization (seems like the trend). If you are planning to test, you should study these. Somebody (I think it was RNsRWE) posted here a free online review. I used that and it was very helpful. Thanks to you!

    Thanks, Thanks everybody. Above all, thank you, Jesus and Mary.
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    Way to go!
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    Congragtulations!!!!!!!!!!!!! Your new life can begin.....
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    Good job!
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