Foreign graduate and NCLEX-RN

  1. As a foreign graduate is it possible to take the NCLEX-RN exams while studying for a masters degree in nursing, in the U.S or canada?
    How long does the approval take for foreign graduates with an F1 Visa
    to get approval to take the NCLEX-RN exams?

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  3. by   elkpark
    Every conventional/traditional US MSN program of which I'm aware requires that applicants already be licensed as an RN. The only exception to that would be the direct-entry MSN programs for non-nurses, but, if you're already a graduate of a nursing program, you wouldn't be eligible for those (and what would be the point of repeating a basic nursing program?)
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  4. by   Hallie261
    I am a F-1 student too. I just took my NCLEX. The waiting process is the same like any US citizens. I applied for the BON some times in January then Pearson in Feb (90 days before graduation). It took around a week after you graduate nursing school to receive ATT to schedule for NCLEX.
    I also graduated from nursing school in the States so it could be different if you graduated from a foreign school.