Finally!! Taking nclex on august 10!! Tips?

  1. Any final tips from you guyz is very much appreciated. Lately im just listening to feuer audio reviews and its really great. I can visualize and understand more the basic contents. Finished saunders 5th edition book for the 2nd time. And for this final week still doing the audio review and try to finish my pda. Any more tips guyz? Wish me luck!!!!!! And wish all of you good luck too :d
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  3. by   Clementine1
    Just keep doing questions! Don't study the day before and don't let your nerves get the best of you! Good luck
  4. by   kerrynurse
    U will do fine. Sounds like u put the work in
    I will be praying for u.
  5. by   oakleaf
    I have seen a few of your posts, good luck! You can do it!
  6. by   Veroko
    I take it Saturday too ! Good luck
  7. by   louiseraphelle
    Thanks guyz..I'll do my best. Hopefully all of us here will become a nurse.Just have faith