Feeling Nervous

  1. I took my test yesterday at 2pm and I have been on pins and needles since then! I find out my results tomorrow and I am soo nervous. I had 75 questions, alot of SATA, inection control, pharmacology,priorities,etc. I cant seem to relax.I have to admit when I was done I was crying.I felt like I guessed on all the questions and I think I answered even the "easier" ones wrong! I will be soo happy if I passed.I have been hired onto an observation unit and I am just so excited to start working and getting my career started.I leave on vacation Sat. and I just want to be happy on the plane and not miserable! I dont know what has been worse,taking the test or this wait!!! I have no patience :uhoh21: Good Luck to everyone taking the exam and those that are biting their nails while waiting for the results(Im right there with you!) I will keep you posted!
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  3. by   callenRN1507
    well good luck to you..hope you passed the exam..btw have you tried the Pearson "trick.."A lot of threads regarding the treat are posted so might as well check them..I think this will somehow lessen the anxiety that you are feeling right now..
  4. by   Silverdragon102
    Good luck