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hi can anyone share with me some words of inspiration I too was a good student and have been out of school for two years with no luck of passing. I took Kaplan , paid a tutor, still no luck i try... Read More

  1. by   Yownyown

    Hi! I am sorry to hear that. I know how it feels when you received a report card of NCLEX saying that you did'nt make it, I do understand how you are feeling right now because I've been on your shoes before. I failed my first attempt last Dec.2011, i literally experienced the DABDA stage and that's one of the saddest Christmas for me. I took myself a break after receiving the news, i assessed myself, my strengths and weaknesses on the different nursing topics. I ask the Lord to show me the right way to success and where did i go wrong.

    I graduated 2009, meaning im out of school for about 3 years and im taking the biggest exam that will change bum life. I shutdown myself for 5 freaking months and voila! its all worth it i passed my exam recently (Sept2012). Since im out of school for 3 years, i focused first on the content then the remaining months i answered lots of practice questions. Everynight, i say a little prayer and pray novena.

    On my report card on my first try, i only have 1 above passing, 2 near passing and the rest below passing. I want you to know that do not lose hope. I dare you not to give up on your dreams, have faith and be determined. I know and I believe that you are a fighter and you can do this. Actually, the fact that you created that thread, that you are asking about tips/experiences is a good sign already! Because you have this awareness and this means that you are ready to the next level.

    I wish you all the best and may Godbless you! Goodluck on the review and on the exam.
  2. by   mon00707
    Our Nursing program had us use ATI program and I thought it helpled greatly to prepare for the NCLEX. I have done some Kaplan questions but I think the ATI's were more helpful. Keep doing questions! I honestly didnt know half of the questions on the Nclex but it's all in how you answer the questions. You really have to learn how to answer them even if you don't know the answer.