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  1. Hi Guys,

    I took my test about 3 days ago and recently found out that I failed the test first time. I failed it miserably at 75 questions. I went to the testing center with a fellow friend who took hers too. She fortunately passed with 265. I felt devastated. To fail at 75? That means I'm really lacking on the materials. I had a lot of OB questions, 19 SATA and 4 ordered, no math. When i was doing my exam, I wasn't sure with a lot of the questions and felt like I was guessing on most of them. I also realized that I was getting knowledge based questions. Prior to the test, I had anxiety and felt that I wasn't ready. I really should have changed my date, but I didn't. I waited about 2 months to do the test because of trying to finish Kaplan qbank. I studied the day before the exam all day and should have relaxed. I used Kaplan since the school provided it to us. I did about 1500 questions and the Question trainers. I didn't finish the trainers because I ran out of time. I did the readiness and that scored me at 67.8%. I can't do the refund because the requirement is that I do all the trainers. I'm not really looking for a refund. I just want to pass my test. A lot of my classmates have passed first time. So far I know, about 3 of of us have not passed.

    I just want to know if anyone have passed their second attempt? What sources did you use? I bought Saunders to brush up on content and LaCharity. I'm thinking of buying Uworld for 2 or 3 months subscription. I contacted my instructor and she said Kaplan has a test plan for second takers and she will email me back. So I don't know, what do you guys think?

    I haven't reapplied yet but I will in the next few weeks. I'm just saving up for it. I just feel so down right now. I really want to become a nurse!

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  3. by   Zinny123
    Hey dear, I'm so sorry to hear about that. I believe the ability to understand study materials differ from person to person. I used U world and Hurst review video for content. I really loved them becasue they make you understand everything about content first and apply it to questions. I hope this helps
  4. by   DaniTheEnchanted
    Thank you for replying. I'm very motivated now. I can't dwell in the pass and cry and all that. I need to get my gears together and tackle the beast again. I am thinking of Uworld since lots of people are using it after failing from Kaplan. Thanks for the reply!
  5. by   Zinny123
    You're welcome. Anytime. Best of luck!
  6. by   RNNPICU
    Hard to say whether it was content or test taking strategies. Once you get your report it will show you which areas are your weak areas. If you are close to passing in all of the categories, make sure you review test taking strategies.
  7. by   DaniTheEnchanted
    Thank you I will. I'll post my CPR reports once I get them.
  8. by   LanaD
    I used Uworld ,wrote down rationals I didn't know.Also I wrote down all the lab values we need to know.Also watched a lot of free youtube videos.I gave special attention to the things that is hard to memorise but they are basic.For me it is precautions, and how to use a cane,for example.These things I started to repeat couple of day before the test.The day before I just watched Game of Thrones all day. I'm not a morning person and my exam was at 2. On my way I listened youtube RN videos.And the main thing ,you have to realise that it is impossible to know everything.Don't stress yourself too much.Good luck for your next time.
  9. by   DaniTheEnchanted
    Thank you!! Yeah I should have watched GoT as well lol. I took my exam on a Monday and put on hold the new episodes of GoT. Thanks for the response. I just found out my instructor asked Kaplan to extend my subscription to 3 more months. I'm thinking of utilizing the resources right and might get Uworld for a month.
  10. by   HopefulGradNurse
    I just want you to know that my story is pretty much the same as yours! Failed the first time (June 6th) at 75 with a ton of Peds and OB, some drag and drop order, no drug calc, and 20+ SATA. Like you I was anxious which only got worse the further I got into the test and I didn't take my time. It also didn't help that my fiancee was taking her test in the booth next to me and I was worried about her.

    I JUST got my results in the mail from failing it and scored below the passing standard on Management of Care, Psychosocial Integrity, BASIC CARE AND COMFORT (so sad), and Reduction of Risk Potential. I scored near the passing standard on Safety and Infection Control, Health Promotion and Maintenance, and Physiological Adaptation. I only scored above the passing standard on Pharmacological and Parenteral Therapies of all things.

    But guess what? Took it again on July 25th and PASSED it in 75 questions.
    (Story here~~ Pass or Fail I know who's in control )

    So just because you "failed it miserably" doesn't mean you won't kill it next time! Trust me I know every emotion that you have went through. Just know that you can and will pass, just take your time and don't give up on yourself.
  11. by   DaniTheEnchanted
    Wow Congratulations!!!!! I'm so happy for you!!! Yes same with my experience. Thank you for the reply. I just want to know what did you do to study? And how long did you wait until you did the exam again? Another thing, would you recommend that I use Kaplan again because I used it before and so not pass. To tell you the truth, I wasn't fully using their resources. I was just using their qbanks and would just read the rationale when I remediate. Or, do you suggest I use a different study item like Uworld? Thanks again for replying.
  12. by   LanaD
    Our school mandated us to buy Kaplanbut I found it useless.The questions themselves are not bad but rationals are rediculous."This is wrong because it is not right".Uworld has great rationals. I also bought Saunders but don't open it much.Only endocrine disorders.They are confusing and NCLEX loves questions about these disorders.
  13. by   mg121590
    Here is my story and I hope it helps.

    The first time I took the NCLEX I failed at 265 questions. I prepared by using Kaplan online classroom and the q-bank study questions. I averaged around the high 50's and low 60's. I wanted to reschedule the test but didn't listen to my inner voice and went ahead with it anyway. I thought to myself, I was an A/B student in nursing school, just graduated so I am sure I will pass this test. (Also let me add...I also had a lot of personal issues going on in my life like a bad bf, new house, etc). When I failed I was miserable and devastated. I took about a week to lick my wounds. So I dusted off the bruises of defeat and reevaluated where I went wrong.
    Second time I took the NCLEX I passed at around 80 questions. I purchased UWORLD, LaCharity and and studied even more lab values. I did every single chapter in LaCharity AND read the rationale. I can not stress enough how important it is to read the rationale so you can have a complete understanding of the question. If you don't have the content down, you are not going to be able to approach an NCLEX question with your guns loaded. Also, the weeks leading up to the second time I tested I exercised and ate brain power foods like lots of blueberries, salmon and walnuts. And get plenty of H20 and rest the week before you retake. The days leading up to the test treat yourself to something you like to help you relax. I got a mani/pedi and went shopping the weekend before. The day before the exam I studied for about one hour in the morning and then I closed the books for good.
    If you get a solid foundation on the content area and keep yourself relaxed and well nourished/hydrated you will have a better chance of staying focused and absorbing what you need.
    I hope this was helpful and wish you all the best. Lick your wounds over the weekend then get up and dust yourself off. You can do this, you made it through nursing school for a reason. Best of luck!
  14. by   DaniTheEnchanted
    Thank you for the words of encouragement. I'm going to beat this test. I will pass it.