Failed for the 4th time...confused!!!

  1. I don't know where to month will be a year since I graduated. Yep, embarrassing. The first time I just think I was over confident because I did well in nursing school and scheduled and failed. Exactly 45 days later repeated those same steps along with some ncsbn review. The third I paid $250 for a 3 day review that I thought was great, scheduled and failed again. Studied a little more and failed again. I don't know what to do..I've already lost my job in my favorite department because I failed the first time. I'm still working at the same hospital as a tech but it sucks. I'm walking around with a 4 year degree and cannot pass the test. I am so down and confused. I know the information I just don't know where I am going wrong. I am overwhelmed with the amount of study books I have. Don't know which ones to narrow it down to or if I should do another review....I'm clueless.. I have no clue where to begin or how. I know that I am in no rush to take it again in 45 days. My life is on holt and I FEEL like I can't even enjoy my life because I always have this stupid test hangin over my head...I just want to be done. I don't want to give up because I have way too much time and money invested, however I am clueless.
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  3. by   hopingtobeanRNsoon
    dont give up...
  4. by   caliotter3
    You will succeed if you keep on trying to pass the test. You will fail if you give up.
  5. by   cassim143
    Hi als35,
    I understand how you are feeling but please hang in there. It took me 3 times untill I finally passed last friday. The first two times I felt down and basically like my life was on a stand still. Give your self a week to just relax and not think about the test. I used saunders along with the exam cram to study. I read the entire exam cram and did their questions both on the CD and in the book. If I did endocrine in the exam cram, I would also skim through in the saunders to just boost what ever info I got from the cram. If u are up for more reading, I highly recommend the cram. It also breaks down the medications very well. I think if your schedule permits it, you can do this in about 6 weeks. I wish you much success in the future and know that you too like so many of us will soon overcome this hurdly. God Bless You.
  6. by   eyknough
    I haven't graduated yet, but I have something to add that comes from my instructors.

    Keep in mind the kind of questions you were getting on the NCLEX. It is an adaptive test that will focus on your trouble areas once it finds them.

    If you found you were getting a lot of pediatric questions, focus your study on peds because the testing computer found you were having trouble in that area.
  7. by   jjjoy
    I'm sorry to hear about your struggle with this. It must be frustrating!

    You say you've studied a lot but you don't say if you've taken practice tests. I mean sitting down with a practice test, giving yourself a time limit, and going straight through it like you would for the real thing. If you have, how does your performance on such practice tests predict you will do on the real thing?
  8. by   Silverdragon102
    If you have to resit the exam start your study as if you haven't sat it before. Practice practice practice questions, make sure you understand what it is asking and read the rationales
  9. by   classykaren
    I read about someone taking the test many more times than you she said she passed using somthing called Herst?
  10. by   Evel76
    I am sorry to hear that you did not passed! But is not over yet...... Listen i used the exam cram, i read every page of the book and cd is good too. Do questions and go back to review them, and one advised i am going to give you is that most of people seem to forget, and that is your school nursing book, if you feel that there is an area that you are not strong, just go back and read that chapter (s) to reinforced what you already know. that all i can share with you because that's what i did. I did not pay for any review class, one cuz i did not have any funds but i just like to study alone.
    well good luck and DO NOT give up, something really beautiful is waiting for you at the end of the tunnel......

  11. by   iamhopeful2009
    Im sorry to hear you didnt pass. I feel your pain, I was in your same situation not too long ago.... passed on my 5th take in a period of 3 years after graduation.

    I too had a diffcult time reassessing which books to review on after each try. After my 4th try, I read about Suzannes plan and focused on Saunders Comprehensive answering only the chapter exams and rereading the chapters if I scored less than 75%. After fininshing, Suzanne was no longer giving her tips so decided to practice on the Saunders CD in study mode particularly on the Chapters which I had difficulty in while answering the chapter tests. I followed it up with the Saunders Q&A book and found it so useful since it is divided into categories like in the nclex.

    Hope this helps and do keep trying. The only time we fail is when we stop.
  12. by   jjjoy
    You say that you feel like you know the material but are still failing the test. When you say you know the material, does that mean things like pathophys, signs, symptoms, treatments, etc? Or does that mean that you "get" the sample NCLEX questions and the rationales? Because they are two different things and you need BOTH to pass! You can know the why's and what's and how's of nursing care across the spectrum and be an Olympic "critical thinker" but if you haven't wrapped your head around how NCLEX style questions are written and why one answer is deemed "better" than the others, you can still perform very poorly on the NCLEX. May the next time be the last time!
  13. by   jjjoy
    I really disliked NCLEX-style test questions and didn't always agree with the explanation when it came to cases of choosing the "best" answer of several valid options. When I thought about all that I knew in regard a certain situation described in a question, I would see that choice A would be right if X was the case, or B would be right if Y was the case, but the question didn't say if X or Y. So I had to take a mental step back and see if perhaps the question wasn't *really* asking about the situation. Maybe it was *really* testing if you were reading carefully (the question said you were "assessing", therefore any answer that involved "doing" would be wrong).

    Those really frustrated me because my test-taking strategy in the past had always been to read the question and then think about the possible answers before looking at the choices. So I'd read the situation, think about what I'd consider to be relevant points related to that situation, then I'd look at the answer choices and be dumbfounded. Something like "you discover a patient's IV has infiltrated, what do you do first?" I'm thinking about things "d/c IV" "warm compress""identify solution, is it cytotoxic?" Then the answer choices that seemed out of left field A. put side rail down B. apply wet dressings to arm C. call pharmacy D. assess pain level.... with A being the "best" choice because D is "assessing" not "doing" and in order to assess the patient's IV site without hurting your back you should put the side rail down. Clearly, I'm exaggerating and thankfully for everyone I don't have to write NCLEX questions!

    But my point is that I had to completely change up my test-taking style for the NCLEX... which was to essentially ignore the details for the first read-through... diagnosis, symptoms, specific situation... and instead focus on the question stem and the possible answers and knock out a few possibilities. And THEN go back and see if the specifics were relevant to pinning down the final "best" answer. Food for thought!
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  14. by   kcj07
    my dear i know how u feel.i am in the same boat with you. this will be my fourth time next week.i am hoping for the best from God. i feel fustrated and angry on myself that i did so well in nursing school, and still cannot get it right. i have been ridiculed by friends, but one thing i will tell you is to hang in there and have faith in God, he will do it at his own appointed time.your destiny maybe delayed but it can never be denied. pls do not be confused rather pick up yourself and start all over again. do not quit